Onpoint Tv Ask Nancy How To Use Freezer Paper In Quilt Making

OnPoint TV: Ask Nancy - How to use Freezer Paper in quilt making

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Name:OnPoint TV: Ask Nancy - How to use Freezer Paper in quilt making
Date:17 February 2018
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Nancy answers the questions about using freezer paper in quilting from OnPoint TV Youtube viewers. The first question from Smitten Kitten: does the freezer paper leave a waxy residue? Question 2 from Betty: How many times can you use freezer paper? Question 3 from Suzanne: How do you know where you laying down the freezer paper on the fabric exactly where you want it to be? Question 4 from Felicity: What if your block is bigger than the size of the freezer paper? Question 5 from Lynnea: How hot should the iron be when ironing on freezer paper? Nancy has the answers to all these questions!

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