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Chilli Con Carne - DJ BBQ & Ian Haste | Wild Dish

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Name:Chilli Con Carne - DJ BBQ & Ian Haste | Wild Dish
Date:15 September 2016
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Christian Stevenson, AKA DJ BBQ, and Ian Haste from Haste's Kitchen share with you guys an awesome Chilli Con Carne recipes that tops a sweet potato.


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Pre heat your cauldron by placing it on top of the barbecue and line it with a splash of olive oil.

Rub olive oil and rock salt into your sweet potato, and place on the barbecue.

Put two whole onions (diced) into the pan to soften them for about five minutes.

Take the stems off coriander, and chop them, then add them to the pan with 4 cloves of garlic (chopped) and 3 chillies (chopped) to cook for roughly 2 minutes.

Add cumin (2 tsp), chilli powder (2 tsp), smoked paprika (2 tsp) and 2 cinnamon sticks. Then put the beef mince in (2 kg) ensuring it is on a high heat.

Once the beef has gone brown, add a splash of bourbon, 2 tins of tomatoes, 2 good glugs of tomato puree, 50g of dark chocolate and a splash of water. Season with salt.

Reduce the chilli con carne and intensify with water over at least an hour. 20 minutes before the end of cooking, add your kidney beans (2 cans).

Top your sweet potato with the con carne, and sour cream, pickled red onion, chilli and coriander (to your preference).

For the sweet potato:

- 1 Sweet Potato (Per person)
- Olive oil
- Rock salt

For the chilli:

- 2 diced onions
- Chopped coriander
- 4 cloves of garlic, chopped
- 3 chillies, chopped
- 2 tsp of cumin
- 2 tsp of chilli powder
- 2 tsp of smoked paprika
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 2 kg beef mince
- A splash of bourbon
- 2 tins of tomatoes
- Tomato puree
- 50g of dark chocolate
- A splash of water
- 2 cans of kidney beans

To top:
- Sour cream
- Pickled red onion
- Chopped chilli
- Coriander

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